Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected by ECSA members (all ENCS students) in March of each year.  The Executive holds office for one year.  All decisions are made by a majority vote (50% +1).  As suggested by U of A professor Dr. Colin Soskolne, the ECSA will strive to incorporate the 4 pillars of The Earth Charter in all its functions.

The Executive duties are detailed in the ECSA Constitution.

In addition to the Executive Committee, there are also smaller committees for the purpose of running various branches of the ECSA.

At present, ideas for standing committees are:
– Academic (e.g. degree program concentration coordinators)
– Social (e.g. guest speaker coordination, movie night, open mic night)
– Fundraising (VP Finance)
– Merchandise (VP Finance)
– Office Hours (to help increase availability of office resources) (VP Internal)
– Advertising (design-savvy computer people!) (VP Campus Communication)
– Newsletter (VP Campus Communication)
– Career/Volunteer Fair (VP External)

Our Executive Committee for the 2013-2014 Academic Year:

Adam Mathison, President
Kaitlyn Scaber, Co-Chair

Kaitlyn Scaber, Co-Chair

Marney Steadman, VP Internal
1011518_344957042304784_229233092_n (1)
Michael Huang, VP Academic
Matt Harris, ENCS Week Coordinator
Jerry Gordy, Grad Representative
Shelby Reid, Grad Representative
CVieville VP Pic
Curtis Vieville, VP External

Kevin Nguyen, VP Finance

Zac Macdonald- VP Social

Zac Macdonald, VP Social

Carissa Wasyliw, VP Campus Communication